The Culling is mostly populated by players in the United States, EST, though great people are welcome to join from anywhere.  We are not looking to build a large membership base, but rather a small group of dedicated friends.

We ask that you be 18 or older, as regular as real life will permit, and socially active.  The core members/founders have been together for many years and would like to meet new, like-minded friends with the goals of building a strong team of good people for end-game content.

We ask that you participate in Ventrilo as this allows us all to better get to know each other.  Additionally, voice comms are really the only to reach the level of coordination and timing required for raiding.
Is The Culling a good fit for you?
Are you tired of playing by yourself and not progressing as quickly as you want?
The Culling members are active daily Monday through Friday afternoons and Weekends.  We have an established raid schedule on Monday 7-10pm, Friday 7-10pm, and Sunday 2-6pm to continue end-game progression.  Additionally, we form groups for weeklies, dailies, and flashpoints to ensure maximum drops and comms for our members needing the gear.  Want in?  Just be active in Ventrilo and the Website.
Would you like to see teamwork within your guild?
The Culling works together based on a simple principle.  Need help, crafts, or have a question?  Ask!  We are active daily both in Ventrilo and on the site forums.  Post your question or need in the forums and get results!  Most guilds make this claim but very few have the regular members or the real want to make the statement true.  We pride ourselves on our ability to work together for the group's benefit.
Are you interested in learning end-game content?
The Culling is forming Operations teams for end game.  We enjoy the challenge of learning the content ourselves though we have many friends throughout the game who lend a hand as needed.
Are you simply a good person looking for other good people to spend your time with?
Guilds are people.  Like-minded people make great friends and successful teams.